The Very Best in StarKid Photo Bombs.

Lauren in the middle:))))

"I just wanna make art and help people." (insp.)

"To have and to hold…" Kurt says, trailing off sleepily, but he doesn’t miss Blaine’s sharp hitch of breath, or the way his long eyelashes tickle the back of Kurt’s neck when Blaine tucks his face close and lets his eyes slip shut.

Anonym asked: "with the filming scheldulde (they won't have even film 9 ep by christmas)and as actors have other projects begin of the year Chris UK in March April, I can assure you it's fake"

Okay :) Thank you Anon. As I said I didn’t know and was a lil bit confused. Thanks for clearing that up :3

I’ve read on Twitter that Fox confirmed 22 episodes? Is it true?


Oh god please no
Let the terribleness stop at 13

LOL! I really don’t know. Some dudes on Twitter said there will be 22 episodes. I don’t even know if it’s true. Plus: I don’t know if I want 22 episodes after they did the only thing I didn’t want!

I’ve read on Twitter that Fox confirmed 22 episodes? Is it true?





Klaine + open mouth kisses

Bonus neck kisses:


If you don’t like Blaine Anderson, then we can’t be friends anymore. Nope. Sorry. You gots to go. Hate it for you, but you’re wrong.

I’ve dreamt about marrying Prince Charming ever since I saw my first Disney musical — I just never thought it would be possible. But the world’s changed, and… more than anything, I want Blaine and me to be a part of that change.