Lea Michele + her 14 tattoos

Happy 1st of September!



if these spoilers are true, then I’m perfectly happy remembering this as the last klaine moment of this series. Who’s with me?



klaine week 2014 - your wish for season 6


Talk shit about Tyler Oakley all you want but he’s the one with his celebrity crush in his house, hanging out, making a video, chatting over dinner while you sit behind a computer and bitch about a man who made his dream come true.
Can you say the same?
No. You can’t.



So today is the day!

Today the first day of college starts! And I’m finally studying what I always wanted to study.

Musical theatre!

I still can’t believe it! It’s all I ever wanted! And I did it! I went to the audition… Sick as fuck, with fever and nearly without a voice. But I kicked ass (especially mine) and I made it!

I’m so excited. I can’t sleep! Its already 1:45 am! And the first class starts at 9! But I can’t sleep! I’m one of ten girls who are allowed to study musical theatre!

Maybe… One day I’ll be performing at Vienna theatres! And I just… Wow

I’m so happy and excited… And all I can think about is… Thank you glee for making me believing in myself! Thank you Lea and thank you Darren!

It’s my biggest dream (after meeting Darren someday) and it finally came true



"thank god I wasn’t busted taking a selfie.."


why are you closed why why tell us the reason


why are you closed why why tell us the reason